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Jenn Rose



Contact Information

Phone 641-869-5121


Room 123

Educational Background

Elementary – Wellsburg Elementary 1976-1983

Middle School - Wellsburg Junior High – 1983-1985

High School – Wellsburg-Steamboat Rock High School – 1985-1989

College – Iowa State University 1989-1994; Bachelor of Science Degree (Elementary Education)

Teaching Experience

1995-Present—Currently teaching 6th grade at AGWSR Middle School

Professional Organization Memberships

NEA—National Education Association

ISEA—Iowa State Education Association

Education Bio – Students at AGWSR Schools have challenged me professionally as an educator since I began in this business.  I appreciate all the enthusiasm they bring to school each day.  I have learned a great deal from the students over the years and that has taught me a lot.  Getting to know each one of the students both inside and often times outside the classroom has been rewarding as I’ve worked over the years to teach kids.  Each year offers new challenges that I continue to work toward.

Personal Bio-My free time involves spending time with my family attending educational and athletic extra-curricular activities; hobbies include boating, camping, basketball, golf, softball; favorite sports teams (Minnesota Vikings NFL and St. Louis Cardinals MLB); pets-black Labrador Retriever (Maya); chocolate Labrador Retriever (Diesel)

Paragraph Description for each course taught

6th Grade:

Reading class involves teaching a variety of skills through different fiction and non-fiction literature.  The ten skills we cover include:  cause/effect, problem/solution, draw conclusions, compare/contrast, inference, sequence, main idea/details, summarize, author’s purpose, and fact/opinion.  Students have the opportunity to read some class novels of different genres and be a part of literature circle activities throughout the year.  Finally, during the second and third quarters of school we have the chance to individually work in the computer lab on a Scholastic reading program entitled READ ABOUT.  Instruction is differentiated for each student’s needs and they work at their own pace as they work through the program.

Language Arts is integrated with reading in our textbook series and incorporates writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary activities.  The focus is on utilizing the writing process as they create persuasive, expository, narrative, and descriptive pieces.  We cover parts of speech, mechanics, usage, and grammar throughout the year as well and write for varying purposes and to different audiences.  

Social Studies introduces students to a variety of world cultures and early civilizations.  We investigate why empires rise and fall in history and how cultures influence each other as civilizations change.  Students learn how new ideas change people’s lives and what causes conflict among different groups.  Activity mapping helps students work together to gain more of a hands-on approach to the learning objectives.