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Mary Gast


Contact Information

Phone:  641-869-5121 (middle school) or 641-847-2633 (high school)


Room:  Room 8 (high school), Lab A (Middle School)


Educational Background - Please list degrees obtained, high school optional, years optional, use BC if necessary!

High School – Steamboat Rock High School

College - University of Northern Iowa - B.A. Business Education


Teaching Experience – list former places of teaching employment

1985-1995 - HS Business - JH Volleyball & Basketball Coach - Hubbard-Radcliffe

2004- Present – MS/HS Technology and Business - AGWSR Schools


Professional Organization Memberships

NEA – National Education Association

ISEA – Iowa State Education Association

AGWSREA – AGWSR Education Association

IBEA - Iowa Business Education Association


Teaching Honors

Working everyday with fine folks from AGWSR.


Education Bio – Education is a career where you not only get to teach students and sometimes colleagues, but you also learn from those students and colleagues.  I love that about education!  The halls of AGWSR schools are filled with great students and caring staff.  I define community as a group of members sharing similar beliefs and working for a common cause with a caring and cheerful spirit.  With that definition, I have just described AGWSR COMMUNITY schools.



Personal Bio


Husband, Terry farms west of Steamboat Rock

Son, Kendal and daughter, Katie



Outside of the educational arena I love scrapbooking, reading, traveling, chocolate, and spending time with my family.  A favorite annual event is our family reunion with my mom’s side of the family.  Whether we meet at the family cabin in Minnesota or at a ranch retreat in Colorado or Montana, we have an amazing week!  Another favorite of mine is RAGBRAI.  My enthusiasm is spreading to my family members as my son enjoys biking now, and my husband is a great support vehicle driver!  


Other favorites include chocolate, computers, watching Friends, my Nike soccer sandals, See’s chocolate chips, eating in general, going to the Iowa State Fair, listening to Michael Buble!  My two favorite movies are Good Will Hunting and Tootsie!





Class Syllabus/Information


Course Overview:

Bookkeeping for service business (learn assets, liabilities, capital, etc.)

Bookkeeping for a retail business (will add inventory, payroll, taxes)


Classroom Structure:

This class is centered around the accounting book and workbook.  We will learn new concepts and procedures in each chapter and then practice those procedures in the workbook.


Tests are very important and are the main part of your grade.  At the end of each chapter a test will be given over vocabulary, concepts, and a practice problem.


Each chapter builds on the information from the previous chapter so be sure you ask questions and understand a concept before moving on to the next chapter.



Class Syllabus/Information


Course Overview:

To help students become productive with Office 2008 by exploring Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Coverage includes creating and formatting documents in Word, working with functions and charts in Excel, and creating polished presentations with PowerPoint.


Classroom Structure:

This class is centered around learning new skills in software applications and putting those skills to use by creating real-world, hands-on practice activities.  


Classroom attendance and staying current with assignments will help students enrich their skills and will be an important part of a student’s grade.



Class Syllabus/Information


Course Overview:

Business organization and management

Business operations and technology

Personal financial management

Simulation with business skill lessons


Classroom Structure:

This class has no textbook so it will be the student’s responsibility to take takes and remember information that covered in class.  I suggest that you take notes digitally – it will be easier and faster.


New concepts and skills related to the business world will be covered.  To reinforce the many terms and concepts, there will be short on-line quizzes taken and several individual as well as group projects.  Class participation will be important.


Finally students will do a computer simulation where each student will be in charge of running a convenience store.   The simulation is made of several lessons with a new concept introduced in each lesson.  Each lesson includes a short reading assignment followed by a written assignment and finally the computer portion of the lesson.  This gives hands-on experience with the concept just learned also leading into the next step in the simulation.



Class Syllabus/Information

The purpose of cooperative vocational education is to prepare students for employment.  The program utilizes classroom instruction with the goal of preparing students to flourish in today's rapidly changing workplace. Classroom work will emphasize world of work exploration, self-assessments to help plan for the future, career research while developing an individual career plan, resume creation, preparation for interviewing, workplace skills, and groundwork for joining the work force.  Students will develop problem-solving, organizational, and leadership skills as well as many other skills.   


8th Grade Technology

The theme in 8th grade technology is one of creativity in education.  The class begins with learning how to compose good photographs and then students learn how to transfer photos and organize photos in iPhoto.  The class continues with iMovie, making short videos, and finishes with creating music in GarageBand.


Keyboarding skills are still practiced and students work on achieving that final goal of 30 wpm with 0 errors.


7th Grade Technology

Class time is centered around improving keyboarding skills as well as learning word processing skills in Microsoft Word.  Lessons continue with learning how to create and format basic business documents.  As time permits the very basics of spreadsheets is introduced.


6th Grade Technology

Keyboarding skills are continued from elementary classes and timed writings are introduced. Some basic Internet safety, searching skills, and evaluating skills are all taught as well. Students will also learn the basics and some of the advanced features of PowerPoint.





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